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2015- summer

Rooftop Yoga - summer in Amsterdam

private group lessons on Saturday morning , overlooking rooftops of Amsterdam and enjoying fresh air and blue sky while practicing yoga

May 2013

Yoga for people with special needs - a project with a group of physically disabled people in a collaboration with a health care organisation 

 A group of elderly people, that comes together once a week, for activities that enhance their wellbeing: from dance movement, to breathing and meditating exercises,discussions around topics such as love,friendship,comapssion,service,hope,faith,...  

Most of those people are on a wheel chair. Their condition of disability comes from epilepsy, brain stroke, paralyses or /and inborn condition, dementia...
 The project was initiated with an idea to bring various yoga and teraphy practices with healing potential to those who can benefit from it. 

April 2013


Vedic Chanting workshop

at Svaha Yoga Shala Amsterdam 

Saturday / 20 April 2013 
from 14.30 - 17.30

May 2012


The Art of Yoga - International seminar
as a guest teacher Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

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